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Legionella Testing for Dental Practices

Legionella can be a big problem in Dental Practices and Surgeries.  The bacteria can easily grow on instruments such as the high speed hand piece or ultrasonic scaler. Water droplets and aerosols produced by these machines can create high risk to the public if not properly maintained. Patients and surgery staff are regularly exposed to water from aerosols used during treatment. The quality of dental unit water should be checked on a regular basis.

This places a huge responsibility on dentists to maintain the quality of DUWLs by continuous monitoring of water systems and introducing infection control measures.

Hydrosense Legionella Filed test kits are designed for exactly this purpose. The kits can be used any time, on-site and provide results in 25 minutes enabling Real Time Risk Management of Legionella. Moreover, the smartphone reader app offers a way of providing proof of testing. This can be printed as a hard copy for audit.