Spas & Fountains

Spas themselves are a special case because they present an especially high risk. Whether they are public or private the temperature regimes in the spa make them ideal breeding grounds for Legionella and therefore make it essential to control risks well and to check that those controls are working.

Breathing in moist air that is infected with the bacteria can easily cause a person to contract the disease. You do not have to be in the hot tub, Legionnaires’ Disease can be caught by just standing nearby.

We strongly suggest that if you ever at any time have doubts concerning the control conditions then carry out a Hydrosense test. It will provide an immediate answer on the need for corrective action allowing you to know and prove that you are providing safe services to your customers and protecting your business and family

Fountains and water misters are in many senses like a public shower. They are especially popular in shopping malls and hotel receptions where the cool mist provides a welcome and refreshing haze. Unfortunately, these are also ideal conditions for spreading the Legionella bacteria, with large numbers of people exposed. It is therefore important to check that the system is clear of infection. The Hydrosense test provides useful information in 25 minutes and on site.