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We have customers in almost every industrial sector, including cooling towers, tourism and leisure, healthcare facilities, shipping, offshore facilities, dust and odor control and many more.

Many of the benefits are the same for each sector, but all have their own particular advantages and requirements.

The common benefits are:

  • The Hydrosense test is fast. Lab tests take a minimum of 10 days. Why wait? How many customers or employees could be exposed at your facility during this time?
  • The Hydrosense test is simple to use, accurate and can be used anywhere. It’s like having a lab in your pocket.
  • If you get a positive result take remedial action, use Hydrosense test to check the impact. Hydrosense will let you know in 25 minutes if treatment has been effective
  • By detecting antigen, rather than relying on culturable cells, the test gives a better indication of Legionella growth within a system than a lab. Motile Legionella (which causes disease) are not in a culturable state and therefore cannot be picked up by traditional lab culture tests.